Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My Proven Method to Ease FE Exam Anxiety (Night Before Checklist)


We get a lot of questions about what to do the night before the FE Exam. The first thing you should try to do is relax.  Assuming that you stuck to a schedule and used a great Prep Book, you should bask in the comfort that no matter what happens, pass or fail, you put in the required time. That's really the only thing you can control - your preparation time. 

No matter how tempting it may be, we recommend not working any additional practice problems.  It will just make you have more anxiety with little added benefit. If anything, just make sure you have your NCEES admission paperwork handy as well as your ID.  Watch your favorite movie or play a game. 

Perhaps make sure the car is gassed up and you have your bottle of water, snack, and clothes picked out and ready for the next day. The FE Handbook will already be on your computer so don't bring a copy of it with you. That way, you have all the little things in order.  This allows you to be relaxed when it's game time. 

This is an important step. I use a lot of visualization techniques.  As you are falling to sleep, mentally rehearse how YOU would like the exam experience to go and visualize the events.  This is called Priming. This is also part of the Self Image exercises I discuss in the Book. You should be doing this weeks before the exam.  

See yourself driving to the test center with a feeling of pride and filled with excitement. You can't wait to get in there and show them what you got. You took the time to prepare for this exam and you are ready.  As you are taking the Exam, in your minds eye, see yourself solving the problems and navigating the FE Handbook with ease. See yourself in this flow state throughout the entire test. Notice how effortless it all feels.  It feels great actually. When you get to a problem you don't quite understand, you don't get flustered, you simply just flag it and return back when it's time.  When you do return to this problem you now get it. 

 As you walk out of the test center, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Not because it's over but because you engineered your way through the exam and crushed it. Like we discuss in the book, now see your passing certificate appear in your blank certificate frame on your wall- hopefully you hung it up like I said. How does it make you feel now?  All of your hard work has paid off. 

Hold that feeling and go to sleep. 

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