Download a free sample of the E-Book - by EIT FastTrack(TM)

Download a free sample of the E-Book - by EIT FastTrack(TM)

Friday, March 4, 2022

"How to Pass on Your First Try" Paperback Book & EBook. (Updated 2022-Only $4.95)

Updated for the 2022 Exam. Over 330 Practice Problems  !   

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The FE Exam Secrets You're Not Supposed to Know.

1) Work as many practice problems as you can.

2) About 45% of the exam can be answered just by knowing where things are in the FE Handbook. (Explained in the Book).

3) Review your heavier-weighted topics first.

4) Review the calculator policy on NCEES(Use the same calculator as you prepare)

5) Use the FE Handbook as you study (We show you how to do this!)

6) Leaving the room during the Exam at any time WILL NOT stop your test timer. The only thing that will is the scheduled break you'll have when you finish the first part.

7) There are a lot of concept problems than you'd think. Its not an "all math problems" exam.

8) Most problems are require a few steps to solve. About 50-60% of the exam is definitely just plug and chug type equations.

9) Schedule the Exam and stick to a set Study Schedule.

10) Skip the Expensive Prep Courses. They're not necessary. Don't be pressured into thinking that you need $1,000 prep courses to help you study.  You already made it through Engineering School, so you already know everything on the exam, you just need to be coached on what to study and practice. (We show you how)

11) Develop Problem Recognition Skills. It all comes down to that. (Our book discusses the 3 types of questions they can ask and how to answer them).

12) Don't get hung up on hard problems. On average, you only have 2.9 minutes per question. If you can't find the equation, skip/flag the question for later.  

13) Most problems only involve a few steps to solve.

14) Pay Attention to Units! Before answering, always go back and reread what the question is asking for. (Cubic feet per minute, Gallons per minute, Mass flow rate,etc)

15) After creating an account on NCEES, remember to download the FE Handbook. You can use this electronic reference during the actual Exam (It will appear once you begin the Exam).

16) Learn how to use the "Search" function on the FE Handbook during the Exam and to quickly find equations and tables you need. (We show you how) 

17) As part of your preparation, learn the layout of the FE Handbook.  Know where all the important equations and useful tables are located.  (Discussed in the Book.)

14) During the Exam, it's all about time management. They are testing to see if you are smart enough to skip the harder problems. Flag them for later. You don't get any extra points for solving them. 

15) Don't skip the short tutorial at the beginning of the Exam. It may be tempting to skip this, but don't. It explains how to flag questions in order to come back to them.  Also explains how the 2 test sessions work and the break.

16) The test is 110 questions in 5 hours and 20 minutes and is split into two sections with a 25 minute break. But you cannot go back to the first section! Be Careful.  

17) Be sure to test the felt tip marker before you begin your exam and ask for a new fresh one!!! They give you a small white board and felt tip marker for scratch work. Sometimes they are low and stop working. Trust us. 

18) Join this FE Exam Reddit Group.  You will be able to collaborate with other engineers about the exam!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

How to Gain a Positively Unfair Advantage during the FE Exam!

The 2022 FE Exam "How to Pass on Your First Try!"EBook and Amazon paperback book is designed specially to teach you how to pass the FE exam.                                                                                              
This book does not waste time on theory or obscure problems- which will only confuse you more, but instead, only contains practical questions and ones that are most likely to appear on the actual exam based on the percentages which are published by NCEES.
Our research team consists of practicing engineers in industry with real life experience, as opposed to theory-based professors who have been out of school for 20 years. The problems were developed using the NCEES percentage breakdowns on each topic area and are presented in a logical order which will allows you to master the FE Handbook. This book will serve as your Game Plan for exam day.

     By utilizing the percentages from NCEES, the e-book maximizes your exposure to all problem types in shortest amount of time! And by eliminating obscure and hard problem types that have no logic behind them, this book contains only realistic problems and provides excellent practice to prepare you for the ACTUAL exam. We believe that nothing prepares you better than working through actual exam questions.

     Since the FE Handbook is the only reference that you are allowed to have in front of you during the exam, this EBook teaches you how to use the handbook to your advantage. The more familiar you are with the handbook the easier it will be on test day. Every problem’s solution is thoroughly explained, in detail, and cites specific pages in the FE handbook. They are no mystery equations or magical answers, every equation and variable is fully explained and referenced. We show you how to download a free copy of the FE Handbook from the NCEES website.

     For those of you who do not have the time to devote the recommended study time of 8 weeks, our proven FastTrack Section is right for you! Using tips and strategies, it guides you to specific sections in the FE Handbook in each topic that are most likely to appear on the actual exam. This section is also great for anyone who has been out of school for a long time wanting to brush up on basic engineering skills before starting to work the practice problems in the book. It can serve as a nice refresher course.

     This EBook contains over 330 practice problems compiled in (5) Exams. Exam # 1 problems are organized in topic order – which allows you to become familiar with the FE Handbook without having to flip to different areas. The questions will guide you through each section of the handbook so you can learn how every chapter is organized. Exams # 2, 3, 4, 5 are organized in random topic order, simulating the actual exam, allowing you to hone your skills in solving many types of problems thrown at you from all directions. However, since every question in every exam is categorized by topic in the table provided on page 9, you have to option of working on any specific topic if you choose. For example, if you know that your weak area is “Engineering Economics”, use the specification chart on page 9 to find out which question numbers are engineering economics type problems. Flip straight to them and start working.

     This e-book systematically forces you to work through the FE Handbook and only focuses on topics with the highest percentage of showing up on the actual exam. Now, it’s time to learn. Are you ready to get to work?   Download the free EBook preview now!

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Monday, February 28, 2022

June 21, 2022: Question of the Week (Heat Transfer)

Problem recognition is key! So you must begin working as many different types of  problems as you can. Of course, be strategic about - review the topic areas on your exam discipline on  Stop researching about the FE Exam and start preparing for it! 

A newly designed square semi conductor chip (k = 175 W/m∙K) has a width w = 9 mm on a side and a thickness t = 3 mm. 

The chip is mounted in a substrate such that its side and back surfaces are insulated, while the front surface is exposed to a coolant. 

If 92 W are being dissipated in circuits mounted to the back surface of the chip, what is the steady-state temperature difference between back and front surfaces?

Hint: Does this sound complicated to you? If you do your research, you will find that most FE Exam questions can be solved by using only one formula!  You can pass the exam by just becoming familiar with the basic equations in each topic area.  It's that simple. This is what our book is all about.  Forget theory and over complications used by our professors. It's time to transition to real life.  All of the equations are found in the FE Handbook.  The secret to passing is Problem Recognition (literally). 

Doesn't this problem sound like conduction? This is a basic heat transfer problem. What famous equation uses conduction? The essence of our book describes the importance of knowing the layout of the FE Handbook (since the FE Exam is an open book exam!).  If you haven't already, download the FE Handbook from You have to create an account first.  Now, use the search function (Control -F) on the pdf to look up "conduction".  

What equation do you see?   Yes, it's   that easy!    

Solution:   In the FE Handbook - you will find the equation:

The question is asking for the Temperature Difference, so let's rearrange the equation to find delta T.

The rest is just plug and chug. Be careful though, you need to convert all the mm to m.    

 ΔT=kw2tP= 0.003m⋅ 92W
175 W/m∙K  (.009 m)^2

= 19.47 K

Sunday, February 27, 2022

WARNING: Don't Even Think About Trying to Pass the FE Exam Until You Read This !


There's tons of blogs about how to Pass the FE Exam. Let's take a different approach to the same tips and advice by discussing how to Fail the FE Exam! If you can't figure it out, I'm saying the opposite of what you are supposed to do. 

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Fail the FE Exam:

1) Don't check the calculator policy on NCEES. You're special and can bring whatever you want. They won't enforce the rules on you. 

2) Don't prepare for the FE Exam. Just wing out! Go out the night before to celebrate your anticipated accomplishment. You saved a lot of study time!

3) Don't review the Free FE Handbook before the exam.  You don't need to because you can just look up the equations during the Exam. Makes sense! 

4) Don't arrive early at the test center.  If there is a wreck or traffic you can just find the back routes. No problem. 

5) Let the test developers inside your head. Then get frustrated because you don't know how to solve the first 3 problems on the exam.  Give up, there's no hope. No one has ever passed before without getting those 3 correct in the history of the exam and you're sure of it.

6) During the FE Exam, look around the room for someone who is also taking it and copy off their screen.

7) Don't take the 25 minute break to relax. Just start the next session to get it over with. 

8) Don't watch the short tutorial at the beginning of the Exam it just wastes valuable party time. You'll figure out how to flag problems and navigate the exam as you go. 

9) Guess C for half the questions.  You figure that you'll guess 25% of the problems correctly and just figure out the rest. 

10) Get all stressed out because you think you aren't smart enough.  

Bonus) Not being comfortable with only getting 4 out of 10 problems wrong!  (Hint: You will still Pass)

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Are you up to the Challenge to take our Practice Exam? (Download a FREE 10 Question Practice Exam Here)


Are you ready for the 2022 FE Exam? Are you up to the Challenge of trying to solve 10 FE EXAM questions?

Simply download a sneak peek into the book from the DOWNLOAD button below.  

It will let you see how the problems are structured and show you examples with detailed step-by-step solutions that reference page numbers from the FE Handbook. It will give you a honest chance to evaluate the practice exams and try it before you buy it.


Friday, February 11, 2022

My Proven Method to Ease FE Exam Anxiety (Night Before Checklist)


We get a lot of questions about what to do the night before the FE Exam. The first thing you should try to do is relax.  Assuming that you stuck to a schedule and used a great Prep Book, you should bask in the comfort that no matter what happens, pass or fail, you put in the required time. That's really the only thing you can control - your preparation time. 

No matter how tempting it may be, we recommend not working any additional practice problems.  It will just make you have more anxiety with little added benefit. If anything, just make sure you have your NCEES admission paperwork handy as well as your ID.  Watch your favorite movie or play a game. 

Perhaps make sure the car is gassed up and you have your bottle of water, snack, and clothes picked out and ready for the next day. The FE Handbook will already be on your computer so don't bring a copy of it with you. That way, you have all the little things in order.  This allows you to be relaxed when it's game time. 

This is an important step. I use a lot of visualization techniques.  As you are falling to sleep, mentally rehearse how YOU would like the exam experience to go and visualize the events.  This is called Priming. This is also part of the Self Image exercises I discuss in the Book. You should be doing this weeks before the exam.  

See yourself driving to the test center with a feeling of pride and filled with excitement. You can't wait to get in there and show them what you got. You took the time to prepare for this exam and you are ready.  As you are taking the Exam, in your minds eye, see yourself solving the problems and navigating the FE Handbook with ease. See yourself in this flow state throughout the entire test. Notice how effortless it all feels.  It feels great actually. When you get to a problem you don't quite understand, you don't get flustered, you simply just flag it and return back when it's time.  When you do return to this problem you now get it. 

 As you walk out of the test center, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Not because it's over but because you engineered your way through the exam and crushed it. Like we discuss in the book, now see your passing certificate appear in your blank certificate frame on your wall- hopefully you hung it up like I said. How does it make you feel now?  All of your hard work has paid off. 

Hold that feeling and go to sleep. 

Download - EIT FastTrack E-Book

This e-book is a collection of tips/hints and strategies and over 330 practical exam questions with a step by step solutions. Download free demo or purchase here