Download a free sample of the E-Book - by EIT FastTrack(TM)

Download a free sample of the E-Book - by EIT FastTrack(TM)

Sunday, January 1, 2023

"How to Pass on Your First Try" Paperback Book & EBook. (Purchase HERE -Only $4.95)

Updated for the 2023 Exam. Over 330 Practice Problems  !   

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Friday, December 30, 2022

4.2 out of 5 Stars on Amazon (Going Strong!)

After 8 years on Amazon, we're still going strong with 4.1 out of 5 Stars!  Thank you for your continued support.  

We love reading the positive test taking experiences we receive each day ! Keep 'em coming.  We strive to keep the book updated and free from errors. As we tell our students, they are so much more capable than what they currently believe.  It really isn't about passing the test, it's about creating kids who now believe in themselves. 

I really believe that what makes this book very popular is not the actual prep questions and explanations, it's the upfront sections in which we explain the "Inner Game" of test taking. We try to show that if you can visualize your goals, then it can come true. In life, you get what you see (in your mind)... and only then is it possible.  Most of the positive reviews we receive have to do with not only how the book helped them pass the test but also the upfront sections as well. We thank you. 

You can never be greater than the Self-Image that you currently have of yourself in your mind's eye. We try to show how to create a better self-image, in order to reach your goals.  By understanding that thoughts are things, you literally become what you think about all day long. Your current Self-Image is like a thermostat, and it is designed to keep you where you are currently at in order to preserve energy!   Your subconscious mind controls your every move.. so the trick is to learn how to change it in order to unlock your full potential. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Amazon Customer Reviews (5 Most Recent!)


Monday, December 26, 2022

Download the FE Exam Cheat sheet (It's FREE!)


Ok, I totally tricked you- there is no Cheat sheet to download.... But this was the only way I could grab your attention. 

But I'm here to tell you something really important.  There really is a cheat sheet.  The cheat sheet that you MUST download immediately is the FE Handbook provided by NCEES. Located HERE

(You must first create a username and password and log into the NCEES website. From there, you will see the FREE download. )

This is CRUCIAL if you really want to pass this exam on your first try. No joke. We've been selling our book for just about 10 years now, and what I am about to share with you is the SECRET to passing.. 

Not sure if you are aware yet, but the FE Exam is computer-based and you are allowed to use the handbook during the exam! It's opened book!   It will be part an electronic resource already provided to you on the testing center's computer. 

Basically, you'll be taking the exam while seeing a dual screen - the problems will be on the left and the handbook will be on the right of the screen. You will be able to use a search function to look up key words as opposed to just flipping around. 

Believe it or not, from what people say, most FE Exam questions only require one or two steps in order to solve. Sure, there will be hard problems, but in general, you only need to pass this exam with a passing grade, not aim to get every problem correct.  

This is part of the FastTrack Method I developed. This is an important mindset to remember. We aren't shooting for perfection here...just efficiency. Just enough time and energy in order to Pass! 

The secret to passing on your first try is to learn how to leverage the FE Handbook.  When you start preparing for the exam a few months out, or even weeks out for some, you must download the handbook and start learning it inside and out.  This is paramount.  

You MUST learn its layout and where all of the important equations and tables are located in each topic area. You also need to learn how to use the search function in order to save time. 

We show you how HERE.

You'll be amazed that a lot of our test takers who come to us after their first or even second failed attempt didn't even leverage the FE Handbook.  Sometimes they didn't even know it was available before the exam. They are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage. 

As you work through the practice problems, we highly suggest that you use the handbook at the same time.  You simply NEED TO.  The problem sets in the book are designed to show you where all of the important equations are located. Our solutions reference page numbers directly from the handbook.   

On days where you just don't have the energy to study or work problems, simply flipping through the handbook is a great alternative and time well spent.  This is part of the Razor's Edge I wrote about in the book.  Not all problems on the exam require calculations, sometimes there can be conceptual or definition type questions.  This is when knowing the sections in the handbook can make a difference in passing or failing. Efficiency - not wasting precious time- is the key to pass.  

The other key to passing is Problem Recognition which is discussed in many blogs here. 

One last thing, don't tell me that I didn't warn you! Please do not flip through the handbook and think that you have to be able to know what every means.... there's enough information in there to discourage the brightest professors. Just don't. Trust me.  

It doesn't represent everything you need to know, it just represents what's considered fair game and might show up on the exam.  Your job is to just know where to find it! and of course we show you how. 

So really, I didn't lie to you.  You can download a FREE Cheat sheet - which is the FE Handbook....

Please check out our blog for additional tips and tricks and as well as our Product Page.  

Are you ready to Pass the FE Exam?   What are you waiting for?

Look forward to hearing from you! 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

How to Pass the 2023 FE Exam (Learn How Here!)

Do you want to know the secrets to passing?

Do you want to see practice questions that are similar in difficulty level as the ones on the actual FE exam?   

Do you want to join the rest of the engineers who passed on their first try?

Do you want to get the FE Exam over and without any headaches?

Do You Have Questions like these? 

How hard is the FE? What is the pass rate? How long should I study for? What can I bring on Exam day? What can I expect? All of these are answered in the EBook.   If you would like a paperback book instead, purchase it on Amazon.

What are you waiting for?

Our FE Exam Prep Book is updated for the 2023 Exam, developed by practicing engineers for engineers, provides over 330 practical problems. It provides a complete system of specific test taking strategies, tips and hints, and is separated into 5 practice exams.It's the only FE Exam prep book that has detailed solutions that reference exact page numbers for equations and tables in the FE Handbook.  There's an entire chapter on where to find the secret tables in the FE Handbook that will save you a ton of time!

There's no BS, no fluff, just straight to the point. It is a must have for working engineers who have been out of the classroom.  

Want to peek into the book and try a few practice problems before you buy it?  

Work the problems the Practice Exam in the blog post!

Today's sale is currently marked down.  Only $4.95

Please learn more about the FE Exam in our blog posts... everything you need to know is here!

Get to Work !

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

January 23, 2023: Question of the Week (Heat Transfer)

Problem recognition is key! So you must begin working as many different types of  problems as you can. Of course, be strategic about - review the topic areas on your exam discipline on  Stop researching about the FE Exam and start preparing for it! 

A newly designed square semi conductor chip (k = 175 W/m∙K) has a width w = 9 mm on a side and a thickness t = 3 mm. 

The chip is mounted in a substrate such that its side and back surfaces are insulated, while the front surface is exposed to a coolant. 

If 92 W are being dissipated in circuits mounted to the back surface of the chip, what is the steady-state temperature difference between back and front surfaces?

Hint: Does this sound complicated to you? If you do your research, you will find that most FE Exam questions can be solved by using only one formula!  You can pass the exam by just becoming familiar with the basic equations in each topic area.  It's that simple. This is what our book is all about.  Forget theory and over complications used by our professors. It's time to transition to real life.  All of the equations are found in the FE Handbook.  The secret to passing is Problem Recognition (literally). 

Doesn't this problem sound like conduction? This is a basic heat transfer problem. What famous equation uses conduction? The essence of our book describes the importance of knowing the layout of the FE Handbook (since the FE Exam is an open book exam!).  If you haven't already, download the FE Handbook from You have to create an account first.  Now, use the search function (Control -F) on the pdf to look up "conduction".  

What equation do you see?   Yes, it's   that easy!    

Solution:   In the FE Handbook - you will find the equation:

The question is asking for the Temperature Difference, so let's rearrange the equation to find delta T.

The rest is just plug and chug. Be careful though, you need to convert all the mm to m.    

 ΔT=kw2tP= 0.003m⋅ 92W
175 W/m∙K  (.009 m)^2

= 19.47 K

Sunday, December 18, 2022

2023 FE Exam Practice Test ! (Can you Pass?)


Are you ready for the 2022 FE Exam?  Think you are ready to pass it?  Are you up to the Challenge of trying to solve 6 FE Exam questions? Let's see how well you do. 

This sample set will let you see how the problems are structured in the BOOK and show you examples with detailed step-by-step solutions that reference page numbers from the FE Handbook. It will give you a honest chance to evaluate the practice exams and try it before you buy it. These are basic type FE Exam questions for any discipline - which means, you should know how to work them ! 


Problem Recognition Skills:

The key to passing the FE Exam really comes down to developing problem recognition skills. You'll learn more about this in the BOOK and how to take advantage of it. Also, during the exam, you will learn simply use the search function on the FE Handbook to find the right equation and then solve it. Must problems only require a few steps in order to solve it. Of course, there will be hard problems, but just skip those. Therefore, all you need is a set of solved example problems in each topic area. It’s that simple. 

That is the purpose of this book. Don't worry if you can't solve these problems. You CAN pass this exam - with a little help and encouragement from the book. The first step is just getting started. Many of our customers find us too late and have one - or a few - failed attempts already.  But if you fall into this category, don't worry. It really doesn't matter how many times you failed before.. you only have to be right ONE TIME! You only have to pass this Exam ONE TIME.  

It doesn't matter how many times you win, all that matters is how many times you get knocked down but get back up and try again - because the Law of Averages will tend to go in your favor if you keep trying and never quit. That works in life, passing an exam, working your way up the company ladder, starting an online business, etc. 

Please download the FE Handbook from to use while working these problems. 


Problems 1- 6:


1) The piston of a hydraulic actuator is 1.5 inches diameter and is subject to a hydraulic line pressure of 1500 psi.  Calculate what the cross-sectional area should be (in2) if the design stress for the piston is 20,000 psi:

(A) .132 square inches

(B) .232 Square inches

(C) .332 Square inches

(D) .432 square inches


 (2A newly designed square semi conductor chip (k = 175 W/m∙K) has a width w = 9 mm on a side and a thickness t = 3 mm. 

The chip is mounted in a substrate such that its side and back surfaces are insulated, while the front surface is exposed to a coolant. 

If 92 W are being dissipated in circuits mounted to the back surface of the chip, what is the steady-state temperature difference between back and front surfaces?

3)  An engineering company purchases a piece of machinery that costs $9,000. It has a 10-year life and salvage value of $200.


Find the straight-line depreciation:


(A) $8,120 / yr

(B) $840 / yr

(C) $800 /yr

(D) $880 /yr



4) Calculate the magnitude of the resultant of the 3 forces in the following diagram:



(A) 612 lb

(B) 209 lb

(C) 429 lb

(D) 581 lb


5) The actual air temperature is 25°C and the wet bulb temperature is 19°C. What is the relative humidity?


(A) 58%

(B) 52%

(C) 75%


(D) 5%



6) At one section of its track, a roller coaster travels in a straight line so that its distance, D, from a point on the line after time, t, is D = 10t4 – t3.  Calculate its velocity when time = 3:


(A) 1053

(B) 53

(C) 513

(D) 5031

Solutions are posted in the very first Blog Post HERE !                 

(Don't cheat !) 

* If you would like our complete Free Practice Exam (20 Questions!),

 Please email us at:  

We look forward to hearing from you!


Download - EIT FastTrack E-Book

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