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2024 FE Exam Prep (Civil, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines - On Sale Today $6.95)

Are you currently searching for FE Exam Prep for the Civil, Mechanical, or Other Disciplines Exam?

How would you like to PASS the FE Exam on your first try?

You've come to the right place!

Our EBook has over 330 practice problems and Step-by-Step solutions that match the current page numbers from the FE Handbook. It's been on the market for 10 years and has sold over 125,000 copies.

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Our Book is a Cult Classic - I say cult classic because it isn't your typical engineering prep book. Within the first few pages, you will be able to tell it's not written by your typical boring test prep company nor has any dumb-downed mainstream advice - such as "get a good night sleep" or "this is your first step to becoming a P.E.!". 

It's straight to the point, down & dirty, and there's no bullsh$t. The advice and strategy are action packed - you can start today!  

You will pass the FE Exam, you just need At Bats.

Let me tell you a short story:

Back in 2002, when I was preparing for the FE Exam, I had trouble finding a good set of solved problems to help me study. Amazon was popular, but it wasn't like it is today.  

There weren't many resources to choose from. I basically just winged it. There definitely wasn't any kind of of prep book which explained strategy or what to expect on exam day. The FE Exam was a mystery.

In order to practice Truss problems, I had to use my statics book from college.  

In order to practice Mechanics of Materials problems, I had to use a $85 book I purchased from Amazon - and that was the only topic that book was good at... :( such a waste too.

In order to practice Engineering Economics, I found a couple of good questions from my senior design class notes. 

In order to practice Dynamics, I had to carry around my dynamics college textbook. 

It was miserable trying to use all these random resources. My engineering professors also proved to be useless. They were so out of touch and incapable of offering any practical or sound advice. I remember this one professor suggested we start reviewing our calculus textbooks to prepare for the Math questions. Really? 

After I managed to pass the FE Exam, and then passed the P.E. Exams in both mechanical and civil engineering disciplines, and after I gained over 20 years of experience in industry, I decided that wanted to give back to the community which helped me so much in my career.  

I wanted to share the knowledge I've accumulated over the years from the school of hard knocks - not from a comfortable college office chair. I wanted to create a one-stop-shop book which could be used to practice every type of question. 

I decided to write the BOOK I wish I had when I was preparing for the FE Exam. 

In addition to making it affordable, I wanted test takers to be able to use just one book in their preparations - as opposed to carrying around many different resources.  I also wanted to give down to earth, practical advice, tips/hints, and also include what I call the "Inner Game".  

Inner Game starts in your mind before you even go out into the world and take action. This is something I learned over years of playing organized sports and which I developed to use for test taking. Using my own advice, I become a Project Management Professional (PMP), passed the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE), as well several International Code Council Exams (ICCEs).  

The goal was to distill all of the best advice, strategy, tactics, and motivation I learned in my life in order to develop one resource which someone could use to help them pass the FE Exam - a COMPLETE SYSTEM. 

I am happy to say I succeeded. It was a work-in-progress, it started out rough, but over the years, I am happy with the way the book turned out. We constantly update it with the exam changes each year. 

Everyday, we receive many emails with positive feedback and many "thank you's" from students who pass the FE Exam. It's overwhelming and I am grateful I am able to help. 

The book is currently updated for the 2023 Civil, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines Exams, it provides over 330 practice problems and step-by-step solutions to help you prepare for and pass the FE Exam.

It provides a complete system of specific test taking strategies, tips, hints, and is separated into 5 practice exams. It’s an action-packed, no-nonsense approach, and is the only FE Prep book in which the solutions and equations reference the current version of the FE Handbook. 

It’s a “must-have” for working engineers who have been out of the classroom or any recent graduate who wants to get this exam out of the way as quickly as possible without spending a ton of money.

There are many prep books and courses available – and some are VERY expensive! 

There’s no need to spend that kind of money when you already know everything on the FE Exam, you just need to be coached (we show you how) on what to study in order to weed out all the unnecessary things you learned in school, focus on the only topics that matter, and learn some tips and strategies that will tip the odds in your favor.

The Book is designed specially to teach you how to pass the FE exam. No more wasting time listening to boring out-of-touch professors. This book does not waste time on theory or obscure problems- which will only confuse you more, but instead, only contains practical questions and ones that are most likely to appear on the actual exam based on the percentages which are published by NCEES.

Also included is the EIT FastTrack™ Schedule - developed for those short of time and who have been out of school a long time. Review this section to gain the most knowledge in the shortest amount of time for problems that are most likely to appear on the exam based on the NCEES Format.

Since every question is categorized by topic order, you have the option to choose which practice exams you want to work on or decide which specific category of problem you want to review. You have the option to work similar type problems or in random order. If you are considering studying for the FE exam, this book will teach you how to pass on your first try.
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​​​​​​​These questions keep appearing time and time again, learn them and pass the exam!


Passing the first time will save you money, time, and the stress of having to study again.  It will also give you confidence and prepare you for the exam.

With a little preparation and concentration, you can master questions and navigate your FE Exam with confidence.

Are you ready to learn how to pass?

We look forward to hearing from you!

On Sale Today!        Only $6.95!

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