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As a special bonus offer, you can purchase the EIT FastTrack ™ E-Book, which includes tips/hints and test strategies, and 5 practice exams containing over 330 practice questions and solutions, for one low price!

You can choose between an internet download* (PDF) or a physical book shipped to you. Please read about the PDF download option below before purchasing:

Item DescriptionTypePrice
EIT FastTrack ™ E-Book (Other Disciplines)  (Includes 5 exams - over 330 questions) PDF Download*$19.95 $14.95
EIT E-Book (Mechanical Discipline)  (Includes 5 exams - over 330 questions) PDF Download*$19.95 $14.95
Private Coaching Call and EIT E-Book!   (learn more)  PDF Download* $135 $69.95

If you purchase the Amazon paperback book you will receive the PDF version for free!

*Please Read Before Purchasing:
   The EIT FastTrack ™ E-Book is an internet download in PDF format.    You can view the PDF file on your desktop, phone, or tablet using your device's PDF reader (usually Adobe).  After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your order, and immediately receive 30 exam questions to 'get you started asap'.    A sales representative will contact you shortly thereafter (always within 24 hours, but most likely within 4 hours) and send you an email containing instructions on how to download the licensed E-Book PDF.
   Your licensed E-Book PDF will be 'password' protected and also contain a watermark.   This watermark (containing your name and email address) serves as proof that you own the e-book and discourages piracy.   To view an example of the watermark, click here. If you don't want the watermark, we recommend that you purchase the soft-cover book version.

If you have any questions, then please email us before purchasing.

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This e-book is a collection of tips/hints and strategies and over 330 practical exam questions with a step by step solutions. Download free demo or purchase here