Thursday, February 23, 2023

FE Exam Prep Course (2 week Boot Camp!)


This Video Prep Course is the most POWERFUL and RESULTS-ORIENTED course available. There's simply no other one out there that compares.  We call it the 2-Week Boot Camp because we have students successfully go through the video series and pass the FE Exam! Of course, we recommend longer to study, but it's possible. It really is....

This is ALL you NEED.  

If you want to save Time and Energy during this study phase, and pass on your first try, then please keep reading. 

Of course, we would like you to spend longer than 2-weeks preparing for this exam. But it's specifically designed for those short on time and would like to only work on problems most likely to show up during the FE Exam - based on the breakdown of topic areas. This course also comes with a FREE Ebook so you can work along with me. 

Just like the Book, this course is straight to the point and there's absolutely no Bullsh$t.  It simply gets RESULTS. Period. 10 years of helping engineers pass is why I can honestly say this.....

We always talk about pattern recognition and working through a set of solved problems in each topic area... well, this is it!.  As your guide, I work through every problem in the Book (over 330 problems) and explain how it's solved step by step. 

Of course, you don't need to do all 330 problems in order to be prepared to pass, the first 4-5 problems of each topic area are really the only ones you must understand.... (Shhh!!! that's the real secret but don't tell anyone) but the rest are "extra" if you have the time and are interested. Just simply fast forward if you want to study the most efficient way.  

No expensive prep courses taught by out-of-touch professors, no boring lectures, absolutely no theory, no monthly member fees or sign ups, no wasting time on confusing questions that have no chance of being on the Exam - just to show you how smart I am when I solve it... None of that BS. Trust me, there's a lot of that out there.  


- 12 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons in each FE Exam topic area 
- Free EBook! - to work along with me!
- Private video links will be sent as soon as you sign up !
- Over 5 hours of working problems together.
- Watch as many times as you like - but you only need once. 


- Learn How to Pass on Your First Try!
- Learn how to solve the most important problems 
- Secret Keys to Passing Explained
- Every solution references the FE Handbook
- Insight to tips and tricks
- Guidance and encouragement along the way 
- Straight to the point, no fluff or BS
- Test taking strategies
- How to use the FE Handbook
- Where to locate the best equation and tables in the handbook

If you are short on time / feeling the pressure, this course is for you !  

So DON'T wait. 

As a limited time offer, a FREE EBook is included.  This is so you can work along with me!  

Get Started Now !

Download - EIT FastTrack E-Book

This e-book is a collection of tips/hints and strategies and over 330 practical exam questions with a step by step solutions. Download free demo or purchase here