Saturday, April 22, 2023

FE Exam Prep (Secrets)


Let me propose a question:

If you were to have a medical issue, would you seek out a doctor who had the highest GPA or a doctor who is known for getting results?  

Would the doctor's ACT test scores, Med School board exams, or GPA even cross your mind? Of course not! That's dumb.

Despite what we were led to believe in school, the number of "At Bats" is more important then anything when it comes to building a successful career.  Practice makes perfect. The theory is great and necessary, but in order to deliver value to the marketplace and become known as an expert in your field, you must have experience. 

Experience is key. We learn so much more when we fail as opposed to when we pass. By the nature of things, school punishes us when we mess up.  You get punished, shamed, judged, you're told "you didn't learn" anything, etc. 

But in life, we have the potential to learn valuable life lessons when we fail and you cannot assign a grade to it. I say potential, because not everyone will learn from their mistakes. The key is to learn from your mistakes and invest it into tomorrow, the next week, month, year. 

I recently read a story about how there's an annual meeting where Billionaires get together to meet each year. Over expensive scotch and cigars, they sit around and share war stories of how many of their prior businesses failed.  In business and in life, you only have to be right ONE TIME.  Doesn't matter how many other times you failed. Just be right one time and you will be considered a success. 

It's important to keep on getting up when you fail. In the words of Rocky- It doesn't matter if you win or lose, what matters is that you keep on getting up after you get knocked down. That's how winner's are born. If you're willing to do that, you will win in the end. 

You must practice and get in the reps in order to fine tune your craft. You must get in the right amount of "At Bats" in preparing for the FE Exam. 

Our Book is designed to do just that !  

It has over 330 practice problems and starts off easy and gradually gets more challenging.  It goes through every possible question and topic - whether its civil, mechanical, or other disciplines.  The same questions keep appearing on the FE EXAM, it's time to learn them!

Over the 330 practice problems, the sheer volume of the breadth of knowledge that we throw at you, allows you to get in your reps and At Bats. 

Just as major league baseball players take batting practice before each game - even though they already know, in theory, how to hit a baseball, they do so in order to work out the cob webs, to help them focus, and to warm up.

That is exactly how the Book is set up!  

Get started today and start getting your "At Bats"!


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