Tuesday, April 25, 2023

FE Exam (Slow Computer?)


Hey Guys, 

Just wanted to share a short story from one of our students about his experience during the FE Exam.

He recently took the FE exam for the first time and was very disappointed with the testing center’s computer performance. 

Since the FE Exam is open book, the computer center provides the FE Handbook on split screen.

But each time he scrolled from page to page, it took at least 7-15 seconds for the subsequent page to load !  He also said there was no way to just skip over pages. 

So just trying to find the equations book, just scrolling from the closest bookmark would take 1-2 minutes in total. 

He easily lost 20-40 minutes over the course of the exam because of this. 

Look, while the computer testing center tries to make sure everything is working perfectly, sometimes life just happens.  

But this is unacceptable. If this happens to you, you need to say something right away !  You are at a disadvantage. 

Precious time is being wasted.

The NCEES guide says "computer computers need to be reported immediately to the administrator". 


You should also look into appealing it if you fail.

This is why it's important to know the FE Handbook layout like the back of your hand. You never know what will happen during the actual exam. 

Please let this be a lesson for all of us!

Speak up!

Pass the FE Exam

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