Monday, May 15, 2023

New FE Handbook 10-3 (July 2023)

Hi Guys,  just a reminder that NCEES just released a new version of the FE Handbook, version 10-3.   It's available now for free download from website. The FE Exam starting in July 2023 will use this version. 

Overall, there aren't many changes to be concerned with.... but it's important to use the most currently version during your test preparations. 

The biggest change we noticed is the page numbers for the moment of inertia for common shapes changed from pages 111 & 112 to pages 98 & 99.   

Those are very important pages!  

Our 3 How to Pass on Your First Try! FE Exam prep books (Other Discipline, Mechanical, and Civil) are now all up to date with version 10-3.  All of the solutions reference the correct page numbers now.  

If you haven't done so, please download the FE Handbook today and purchase your exam specific discipline FE Exam prep book from Amazon or EBook on this website.  

Are you ready to pass the FE Exam? 

Let's get started!


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