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2024 FE Exam Practice Test ! (Can you Pass?)


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Let's take a Practice Test !

Are you up to the Challenge of trying to solve 6 FE Exam questions? Let's see how well you do. 

This sample set will let you see how the problems are structured in the BOOK and show you examples with detailed step-by-step solutions that reference page numbers from the FE Handbook. It will give you a honest chance to evaluate the practice exams and try it before you buy it. 

These are basic type FE Exam questions for any discipline - which means, you should know how to work them ! 


Problem Recognition Skills:

The key to passing the FE Exam really comes down to developing problem recognition skills. You'll learn more about this in our BOOK and how to take advantage of it. Also, during the exam, you will learn simply use the search function on the FE Handbook to find the right equation and then solve it. Must problems only require a few steps in order to solve it. Of course, there will be hard problems, but just skip those. Therefore, all you need is a set of solved example problems in each topic area. It’s that simple. 

That is the purpose of this book. Don't worry if you can't solve these problems. You CAN pass this exam - with a little help and encouragement from the book. The first step is just getting started. Many of our customers find us too late and have one - or a few - failed attempts already.  But if you fall into this category, don't worry. It really doesn't matter how many times you failed before.. you only have to be right ONE TIME! You only have to pass this Exam ONE TIME.  

It doesn't matter how many times you win, all that matters is how many times you get knocked down but get back up and try again - because the Law of Averages will tend to go in your favor if you keep trying and never quit. That works in life, passing an exam, working your way up the company ladder, starting an online business, etc. 

Please download the FE Handbook from to use while working these problems. 


Problems 1- 6:


1) The piston of a hydraulic actuator is 1.5 inches diameter and is subject to a hydraulic line pressure of 1500 psi.  Calculate what the cross-sectional area should be (in2) if the design stress for the piston is 20,000 psi:

(A) .132 square inches

(B) .232 Square inches

(C) .332 Square inches

(D) .432 square inches


 (2A newly designed square semi conductor chip (k = 175 W/m∙K) has a width w = 9 mm on a side and a thickness t = 3 mm. 

The chip is mounted in a substrate such that its side and back surfaces are insulated, while the front surface is exposed to a coolant. 

If 92 W are being dissipated in circuits mounted to the back surface of the chip, what is the steady-state temperature difference between back and front surfaces?

3)  An engineering company purchases a piece of machinery that costs $9,000. It has a 10-year life and salvage value of $200.


Find the straight-line depreciation:


(A) $8,120 / yr

(B) $840 / yr

(C) $800 /yr

(D) $880 /yr



4) Calculate the magnitude of the resultant of the 3 forces in the following diagram:



(A) 612 lb

(B) 209 lb

(C) 429 lb

(D) 581 lb


5) The actual air temperature is 25°C and the wet bulb temperature is 19°C. What is the relative humidity?


(A) 58%

(B) 52%

(C) 75%


(D) 5%



6) At one section of its track, a roller coaster travels in a straight line so that its distance, D, from a point on the line after time, t, is D = 10t4 – t3.  Calculate its velocity when time = 3:


(A) 1053

(B) 53

(C) 513

(D) 5031

7)  Determine the modulus of elasticity of a composite material if the strain on the material was 0.075 and the following data are known:


Composite          Fraction 1:           Fraction 2:        Strength 1:       Strength 2:

     1                        46%                     57%                 39 ksi               29 ksi

8) A test is conducted on a soil sample to determine the hydraulic conductivity of a soil. The sample is a cylindrical container with length 25 cm and circular cross section of diameter 10 cm.

The sample is subjected to a head of 50 cm, and the observed flow rate through the sample is 8 cm3/min. What is the hydraulic conductivity of the soil?

9) A short post constructed from a hollow circular tube of aluminum supports a compressive load. The inner and outer diameters of the tube are d1 = 3.6 in and d2 = 5.0 in, respectively.

Its length is 40 in. The shortening of the post due to the load is measured as 0.044 in. What is the strain on the post?

10) A pitot tube is being used to measure the velocity of water flowing through a pipe. A manometer containing mercury is connected to the pitot tube.

It indicates a height of 100 mm. Determine the velocity of the water. (γHg = 133,400 N/m3 )

Solutions are posted in the very first Blog Post HERE !                 

(Don't cheat !) 


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