Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The FE Exam Secrets You're Not Supposed to Know.

1) Work as many practice problems as you can and use the tricks of the FE Handbook we discuss HERE.

2) About 45% of the exam can be answered just by knowing where things are in the FE Handbook. (Explained in the Book.).

3) Review your heavier-weighted topics first.

4) Review the calculator policy on NCEES(Use the same calculator as you prepare)

5) Use the FE Handbook as you study (We show you why and how to do this!)

6) Leaving the room during the Exam at any time WILL NOT stop your test timer. The only thing that will is the scheduled break you'll have when you finish the first part.

7) There are a lot of concept problems than you'd think. Its not an "all math problems" exam. Sometimes using basic engineering concepts, as opposed to trying to find the equation, is the only way to solve it!. (Again, explained in the Book.)

8) Most problems are require a few steps to solve. About 50-60% of the exam is definitely just plug and chug type equations.

9) Schedule the Exam and stick to a set Study Schedule.

10) Skip the Expensive Prep Courses. They're not necessary. Don't be pressured into thinking that you need $1,000 prep courses to help you study.  You already made it through Engineering School, so you already know everything on the exam, you just need to be coached on what to study and practice. (We show you how)

11) Develop Problem Recognition Skills. It all comes down to that. (Our book discusses the 3 types of questions they can ask and how to answer them).

12) Don't get hung up on hard problems. On average, you only have 2.9 minutes per question. If you can't find the equation, skip/flag the question for later.  

13) Most problems only involve a few steps to solve.

14) Pay Attention to Units! Before answering, always go back and reread what the question is asking for. (Cubic feet per minute, Gallons per minute, Mass flow rate,etc)

15) After creating an account on NCEES, remember to download the FE Handbook. You can use this electronic reference during the actual Exam (It will appear once you begin the Exam).

16) Learn how to use the "Search" function on the FE Handbook during the Exam and to quickly find equations and tables you need. (We show you how) 

17) As part of your preparation, learn the layout of the FE Handbook.  Know where all the important equations and useful tables are located.  (Discussed in the Book.)

14) During the Exam, it's all about time management. They are testing to see if you are smart enough to skip the harder problems. Flag them for later. You don't get any extra points for solving them. 

15) Don't skip the short tutorial at the beginning of the Exam. It may be tempting to skip this, but don't. It explains how to flag questions in order to come back to them.  Also explains how the 2 test sessions work and the break.

16) The test is 110 questions in 5 hours and 20 minutes and is split into two sections with a 25 minute break. But you cannot go back to the first section! Be Careful.  

17) Be sure to test the felt tip marker before you begin your exam and ask for a new fresh one!!! They give you a small white board and felt tip marker for scratch work. Sometimes they are low and stop working. Trust us. 

18) Join this FE Exam Reddit Group.  You will be able to collaborate with other engineers about the exam!

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