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Stop Doing This for the FE EXAM


Welcome back to the site! 

I want to talk to you about  5 key stages that you will go through when starting your FE EXAM journey. 

And this is true for any exam, business, or anything you do when you consider a new opportunity.

It's so very critical to understand this cycle of 5 stages if you really want an 

Advantage over the other test takers. 


Stage 1 is called “Uniformed Optimism”.

This is in the beginning whenever you start something new - you are so uniformed but you are very excited to start studying. 

You see all your friends and school buddies passing the exam – it’s your turn now! 

Everyone seems to be passing this exam and your boss is pressuring you to pursue getting your PE. 

You are so positive, so you start telling everyone and posting your new goal on social media. 

So, you purchase the books and dive in.


But then, quickly....


You arrive at Stage 2 called “Informed Pessimism”.

This is when you start to realize, after working a few problems, that this isn’t as EASY as what I originally thought. 

Wow, there’s a lot of information I’m not familiar with....

The FE Handbook has tons of information in it, too much to know in such short amount of time!

Wait, I know people who failed this exam, it doesn't seem that easy now.


After this realization hits you like a ton of bricks, you start having some self-doubt.  

Then you go into the next Stage.


Stage 3 “The Valley of Despair”.


This is the Stage where most people quit.


They simply think that they aren’t smart enough to pass this exam or it’s just not worth the effort.


You mean I have to study each and every day and really work at this?  There’s just so much to learn. As a result, they just quit. 

This cycle just keeps repeating over and over again and you never make progress.  


In this critical stage of despair, you realize wow there’s so many pieces to this I didn’t even know about. There's so many different variations to these questions that they can ask. I had no idea that the amount of information in the FE Handbook - no one can possible learn all that. 

You think I guess this is why not everyone becomes a PE – they give up at the first sign of despair. Realize that most newbies simply quit at this point. The Crash and Burn is where they go next.

Everything just seems hopeless in this stage.  It sucks. What if I just quit? What will my friends and boss think? 


But if you realize that these feelings are normal and most people experience this too, and decide to keep on punching and plowing through- never giving up- you eventually reach the next Stage. 

Remember, you only have to pass one time - it doesn't matter how many times you failed before. Success requires hard work. 


Stage 4: Informed Optimism”.

This is when you realize that you are making some progress and wrapped your arms around this opportunity.  

You have some momentum behind you and by being committed to an actual study schedule, you start thinking passing this exam is now more attainable.  

You understand the math now and where you are heading. You know what it will take to get there.


 The final Stage (5) is “Achievement”.


This is when you actually accomplish what you set out to do.  Now, after you pass the FE Exam, you just need to reset your goal, a new target, for the PE Exam.  

But now you will know about this cycle and that each phase is predicable. Don't let the valley of despair change your goal. 


And the KEY to this is that this cycle always comes into play in EVERYTHING you do in life !


Our goal is to help you become aware of this cycle and help compress the time it takes you to go through it ! 


Are you ready to start your journey? 

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