Wednesday, September 13, 2023

FE Exam Prep Tricks

There's tons of blogs about how to Pass the FE Exam. Let's take a different approach to the same tips and advice by discussing how to Fail the FE Exam! If you can't figure it out, I'm saying the opposite of what you are supposed to do. 

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Fail the FE Exam:

1) Don't check the calculator policy on NCEES. You're special and can bring whatever you want. They won't enforce the rules on you. 

2) Don't prepare for the FE Exam. Just wing out! Go out the night before to celebrate your anticipated accomplishment. You saved a lot of study time!

3) Don't review the Free FE Handbook before the exam.  You don't need to because you can just look up the equations during the Exam. Makes sense! 

4) Don't arrive early at the test center.  If there is a wreck or traffic you can just find the back routes. No problem. 

5) Let the test developers inside your head. Then get frustrated because you don't know how to solve the first 3 problems on the exam.  Give up, there's no hope. No one has ever passed before without getting those 3 correct in the history of the exam and you're sure of it.

6) During the FE Exam, look around the room for someone who is also taking it and copy off their screen.

7) Don't take the 25 minute break to relax. Just start the next session to get it over with. 

8) Don't watch the short tutorial at the beginning of the Exam it just wastes valuable party time. You'll figure out how to flag problems and navigate the exam as you go. 

9) Guess C for half the questions.  You figure that you'll guess 25% of the problems correctly and just figure out the rest. 

10) Get all stressed out because you think you aren't smart enough.  

Bonus) Not being comfortable with only getting 4 out of 10 problems wrong!  (Hint: You will still Pass)

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