Friday, January 20, 2023

FE Exam Other Disciplines (The Easiest Exam!)

The Other Disciplines Exam is considered the easiest of all exams. If you are unsure which exam to take, you should take this one. This exam is perfect for anyone who doesn't know which specialty they want to go into.  The categories- as you can see below- do not go deep into a specific topic areas. It's "general" in nature. In fact, this exam used to be called the "General Exam".  They eventually changed it to the "Other Disciplines Exam". 

If you are short on time (and the thought of studying gear trains/cams/fatigue stress or concrete/steel design scares you) and want to spend less time preparing for the FE, take this exam.

Below are the main categories with the anticipated % of questions. If you would like to see a more detailed list of topic areas under each of these categories, please visit NCEES.

Other Disciplines Exam Categories:

Mathematics                                                   (8 to 12 questions)

Probability and Statistics                                (6 to 9 questions)

Chemistry                                                       (5 to 8 questions)

Instrumentation and Controls                         (4 to 6 questions)

Engineering Ethics and Societal Impacts       (5 to 8 questions)

Safety, Health, and Environment                   (6 to 9 questions)

Engineering Economics                                 (6 to 9 questions)

Statics                                                            (9 to 14 questions)

Dynamic                                                    (9 to 14 questions)

Strength of Materials                                 (9 to 14 questions)

Fluid Mechanics                                            (12 to 18 questions)

Basic Electrical Engineering                         (6 to 9 questions)

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer             (9 to 14 questions)

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