Tuesday, January 17, 2023

FE Exam Mechanical

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The Mechanical Exam categories are shown below. If you compare with the Other Disciplines categories, there are 1
0 topics that are the same.  Obviously, this exam gets into exam specific topics such as Material Properties and Processes, Measurement, Instrumentation, Controls, Mechanical Design and Analysis. 

Below are the main categories with the anticipated % of questions. If you would like to see a more detailed list of topic areas under each of these categories, please visiNCEES.

Other Disciplines Exam Categories:

Mathematics                                                   (6 to 9 questions)

Probability and Statistics                                (4 to 6 questions)

Electricity and Magnetism                             (5 to 8 questions)

Ethics and Professional Practice                    (4 to 6 questions)

Engineering Economics                                 (4 to 6 questions)

Statics                                                            (9 to 14 questions)

Dynamics, Kinematics, and Vibrations         (10 to 15 questions)

Mechanics of Materials                             (9 to 14 questions)

Fluid Mechanics                                            (10 to 15 questions)

Material Properties and Processes                  (7 to 11 questions)

Thermodynamics                                           (10 to 15 questions)

Heat Transfer                                                (7 to 11 questions)

Measurement, Instrumentation, Controls      (5 to 8 questions) 

Mechanical Design and Analysis                 (10 to 15 questions)

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