Wednesday, May 3, 2023

FE EXAM Civil (Paperback now available on Amazon)

We're really proud to announce the release of the Civil FE Exam book.  

Finally!  I'm really proud of this book.  It's an absolute BEAST!!!!! 

It's now available on Amazon as well as on this website

Coming in with 383 pages and just over 345 practice questions, and only $6.95 for the EBook, or even FREE if you purchase the paperback on Amazon, it's such a bargain. 

You can't beat it. It's a steal..actually 

Just like how I described in the blog with the release of the new Mechanical FE Exam, which is another freaking epic book, it's been a wide ride that past few months. Our Mastermind group was isolated for quite a long time developing over 330 problems for this new book.   

I really need a vacation...and owe my colleagues a beer.... ;)

It covers the latest edition of the Civil FE Exam format which is published by  

The Civil FE Exam has the usually topics like the others, but the main focus is on 5 new topics:  

Water Resources and Environmental, Structural, Geotechnical , Transportation, Surveying, and Construction Engineering. 

For Water Resources and Environmental, we developed 27 questions. A big part of the Civil FE Exam focuses on the NRCS (SCS) Rainfall-Runoff equation in the FE Handbook page 296, the Rational Formula Q= CIA (all explained in the Book), Darcy's Law page 291, Well Drawdown, Specific Energy, Hydraulic Jump page 296, Circular pipe head loss, Values of C Hazen-Williams Coefficient- there's a great table on page 297 for different pipe materials, 

For Structural, we developed 33 questions. A big part of the Civil FE Exam focuses on beam loadings, classification of structures, structural design (LRFD and ASD) Load combinations page 272 of the FE Handbook. Live load reductions, Wind loads, Design of concrete page 274, ASTM Standard for Reinforcement Bars - there's a great table on page 277 which shows sizes, diameters, areas, and weights, Steel design, columns, flat bars page 282, W shapes and properties - there's another great table for W shapes on page 284, AISC Table 3-2 on page 285 is an awesome table to find out the W Shape and beam factors, etc., Available moments and unbraced length, K factors.

For Transportation, we developed 24 questions. A big part of the Civil FE Exam focuses on traffic safety equations page 306 of the FE Handbook, Traffic flow relationships, horizontal and vertical curve calculations, Freeway segment highway capacity - great table on page 303, Sigh distance related to curve length page 301, fantastic table, Crash reduction page 307 and countermeasures. These are good problems to rack up easy points. 

For Geotechnical, we developed a whopping 37 questions. A big part of the Civil FE Exam focuses on phase relationships, diagram on page 259 of the FE handbook, time factor for consolidations, Mohr-coulomb failure chart on page 262. the sneaky bastards are hiding the the equation for for Tf on that chart.. (talked about it the book), effective stress, surcharges, pressure on retaining walls, horizontal and vertical, horizontal stress profiles, slope failure along planar surfaces page 265, AASHTO soil classification page 266 another low hanging fruit problem to get easy points (the Book explains how to red the chart).

For Surveying, we developed 15 questions. A big part of the Civil FE Exam focuses on end area calculations fr earthwork formulas page 309 of the FE Handbook, Mass haul diagrams - great table on page 309, area formulas, construction, project management, critical path page 310 these are really easy, earned value analysis - seems stupid but very easy. 

I won't give it all away, but all the tricks and tips are in the Book.  

Like I said earlier, I am very proud of how this Book came out!

Download - EIT FastTrack E-Book

This e-book is a collection of tips/hints and strategies and over 330 practical exam questions with a step by step solutions. Download free demo or purchase here