Tuesday, May 16, 2023

FE Exam (Breaks during the Exam Explained)

We get a lot of questions about how the FE Exam breaks work.

We recommend that everyone download the NCEES FE EXAM Guide HERE.    

"You may take a scheduled break after completing, reviewing, and submitting approximately half of the questions. You may take less than the designated amount for your scheduled break. However, any remaining break time will not extend the amount of time allocated for answering the remaining exam questions. 

You may exit the building during the scheduled break. It is important to return on time from the scheduled break and to allow time for the exam proctor to readmit you into the exam room. Once the break has expired, the exam clock automatically begins again. 

You may also take unscheduled breaks at any time during the exam by raising your hand to notify a proctor. However, the amount of time you take for unscheduled breaks will be deducted from your testing time. You are not allowed to exit the building during unscheduled breaks. 

While you are taking an unscheduled break, you are permitted to access only these personal items that you stored during the exam: beverages, food, and items on the Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List. You may also access medication required at a specific time, with the prior permission of the test administrator. You are not permitted to access any other personal items during an unscheduled break."

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