Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Day in the Life of a FE Exam Taker


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The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is a crucial step on the path to becoming a professional engineer. Aspiring engineers across various disciplines take this rigorous test to demonstrate their competency and dedication.

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If you're about to embark on this journey, you might be wondering what a day in the life of an FE exam taker looks like.

In this comprehensive blog post, we'll walk you through the entire process, from the early morning preparations to the moment you leave the exam room. Join us on this journey and gain valuable insights into what to expect on your big day.

The Night Before

1. Final Review and Relaxation

The night before the FE exam is a time for a final review of the topics you've been studying for months. However, it's essential not to overload your brain. Take some time to relax and unwind; perhaps watch a movie or read a book to ease your nerves. A good night's sleep is crucial for optimal performance.

Morning Rituals

2. Wake Up Early

The day starts early for FE exam takers. You should aim to wake up at least two hours before your exam's start time to ensure you have plenty of time for your morning routine.

3. Breakfast and Hydration

A nutritious breakfast is essential to fuel your brain. Opt for a balanced meal that includes proteins, complex carbohydrates, and some fruits. Also, don't forget to hydrate well to keep your mind alert.

4. Double-Check Your Checklist

Before you leave, double-check your checklist. Ensure you have all the required documents, including your identification, NCEES-approved calculator, and any other materials specified by your exam discipline.

Arriving at the Test Center

5. Early Arrival

Plan to arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will give you ample time to complete the check-in process, including ID verification and security measures.

6. Security and Personal Belongings

Once you arrive, you'll need to adhere to the test center's security procedures. This may involve storing your personal belongings in a designated area, undergoing a security check, and being fingerprinted.

7. Orientation and Seating

After security, you'll be given an orientation on the test center rules and regulations. You'll then be guided to your assigned seat, where your exam awaits.

The FE Exam

8. Exam Structure and Timing

The FE exam is a six-hour test divided into two 3-hour sessions with a break in between. You'll face a range of multiple-choice questions, and the number and types of questions will depend on your chosen discipline. Manage your time wisely to ensure you complete all sections.

9. Mental Preparation

Before you begin, take a few moments to calm your nerves. Deep breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety. Remember, you've prepared extensively for this day.

10. Focus and Strategy

As you dive into the questions, use smart strategies. Start with the questions you find the easiest to gain confidence and then tackle the more challenging ones. Manage your time efficiently. Don't be afraid to skip the hard ones!

11. Break Time

After the first 3-hour session, you'll have a 25-minute break. Use this time to recharge, have a snack, and take a short walk to clear your mind.

Afternoon Session

12. Resume the Exam

The second 3-hour session begins. Continue to use your time wisely and stay focused. Don't let the fatigue from the morning session affect your performance.

13. Review and Double-Check

If time allows, review your answers. Ensure you haven't left any questions unanswered and that you've marked the right choices.


14. Exiting the Exam Room

When the time is up, you'll hand in your exam materials. You may feel a mix of relief and anticipation. Remember that the FE exam is just one step in your engineering journey.

15. Post-Exam Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on the exam experience. What went well? What could you improve in your preparation for the future? It's all part of the learning process.

Celebration and Relaxation

16. Treat Yourself

After a long and intense day, treat yourself to a nice meal or a relaxing activity. You've earned it!

Final Thoughts

A day in the life of an FE exam taker is filled with anticipation, stress, focus, and dedication. It's a significant milestone on your path to becoming a professional engineer. Remember that the FE exam is a challenge, but with the right preparation, mindset, and approach, you can conquer it. Good luck, and may your journey lead you to a successful engineering career!

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