Monday, July 3, 2023

Register for the FE Exam


Hi Guys, 

Lot's of questions lately on how to register for the FE Exam

It's really easy, just follow these steps:


1. Review your licensing board’s approval and registration process.

2. Create a MyNCEES account. 

3. Register and pay for your exam. 

4. Receive an authorization notice to schedule your exam.

That's it !!!

It's important to locate and review your Licensing Board’s Approval and Registration Process Eligibility to sit for an NCEES exam because rules vary and are determined by each licensing board. 

They make it your responsibility to review your licensing board’s requirements before registering for an exam. 

Creating Your MyNCEES Account: 

You must have a MyNCEES account to register for an exam. 

To create one, go to and follow the instructions. The information provided during this process will be used to create your appointment confirmation letter. The first and last names you use to register must be in the English alphabet and match the government issued ID that you will provide for admission to the test center. 

Individuals may have only one MyNCEES account. Registering and Paying for Your Exam Log in to your MyNCEES account, select Register for an exam, complete the onscreen instructions, and pay for your exam. 

During registration, you will be required to agree to conduct transactions with NCEES by electronic means, including but not limited to the exam registration process. 

You will also be required to attest that you have read the rules and policies in the NCEES Examinee Guide and agree to comply with them.

Good Luck!

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